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Marijuana & Cannabis Dispensary Delivery


Our sales help the neighbourhoods we serve as a marijuana dispensary and cannabis dispensary

We think that everyone benefits economically from the legal cannabis sector. We support our local communities by donating and devoting many hours to non-profit organisations around the state.


Our community advisory boards oversee our community benefits programme at each site to ensure it’s in line with the needs of the neighbourhoods we serve.


Cannabis is a locally owned and run business; all of our businesses. With over 50 years of total legal cannabis expertise, our leadership team is present in our stores every day.


In all sections of the state, from major metropolises to smaller towns and cities, we have one of the best records for obtaining new cannabis retail licences. All of our stores are ones we open, own, and run.


California’s most substantial communities are distinguished by their diversity and inclusion. In terms of race and gender, we are 80% diverse across the board and 90% diverse at the management level.

We gather and curate the finest legally and ethically farmed marijuana.

We stock the top cannabis brands in the state, from SoCal to NorCal, and we set aside more than 66% of our shelf space for businesses started by LGBTQIA+, female, BIPOC, and other historically underrepresented groups.

We are a forward-thinking cannabis retailer that sets the standard for customer service, product innovation, and the introduction of more fresh cannabis items at our locations than any other significant retailer.

With an emphasis on quality, sustainability, and innovation, we continually seek out and curate new brands, established brands, and small farmers from around California.

To de-stigmatize and mainstream the responsible use of cannabis, we collaborate with well-known businesses and media outlets outside the cannabis sector.

Our stores consistently receive five-star evaluations from customers, which demonstrates how much we value our clients. Our florists are acknowledged cannabis industry leaders and authorities.

As each person’s experience with cannabis is unique, we distinguish our customer experience based on empathetic behaviour, graciousness, customer education, and involvement.

To provide you the greatest savings, we regularly update our promotions. See what we currently have to offer by looking at our menu.

By simple cannabis delivery, 20 After 4 Delivery connects customers and farmers. Becoming a member is free. We want to make sure you get the items that are most useful for your requirements, so you’ll never be forced to use something you don’t enjoy.

Your safety and comfort are of the utmost importance. In a discrete, unmarked car, we will always deliver to you at a secure area of your choice (home, business, club, senior living, hospice, etc.). We can meet for your first delivery at any safe public space within our service area if that makes you feel more at ease. When deciding which

Our club is an exclusive group of patients/consumers and growers. We are experts in cannabis with medical benefits. We are not a marijuana-owning or -selling establishment. It is our responsibility to make the movement of cannabis from farmer to consumer easier. Prices for cannabis items are established by each producer. As club officers, we firmly think